Fiction – Christmas Diary 7


Can you be Allergic to happiness? Sometimes I think I am. Self sabotage and all. There are times where I experience so much joy that I become suspicious and I’m like, hey, should I be this excessively happy? Is all this bliss about to end? That’s what I’m going through. With him. We can’t just seem to not be having fun! We’ve been chatting every single night for hours, checking up on each other through calls… it’s not gotten boring. I always look foward to that sound on my phone for messages and literally cross my fingers that it’s him. Like this one he sent “Hellocant forget to wish you a gudnight…” aaaaaw melted my heart…


*Christmas diary is a ten part fictional series for ten days regarding a woman’s thoughts on a relationship…* Read Part Six


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I'm a writer, poet and cook. I enjoy long walks, trying new restaurants and reading.

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