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According to a United Nations report, 200 million girls and women worldwide have undergone FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). That is a staggering figure considering we are in the technological millennium where information is devoured like wild fire. FGM is quite an ancient archaic practice that is still continuing in at least 27 African countries, the Middle East and some Asian countries. FGM was originally carried out by traditional “doctors” who were often the village elderly women using a blade or specialized knife that was only used for such a ritual. The blades were often unsterilized and since they were used for many young girls there was always the danger of cross contamination or even the danger of the blades being unhygienic. Continue reading FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION, IS IT TIME TO STOP TALKING

Fiction – Christmas Diary 7


Can you be Allergic to happiness? Sometimes I think I am. Self sabotage and all. There are times where I experience so much joy that I become suspicious and I’m like, hey, should I be this excessively happy? Is all this bliss about to end? That’s what I’m going through. With him. Continue reading Fiction – Christmas Diary 7

Fiction – Christmas Diary 5


It’s the week of a 1 year anniversary of someone I lost and I haven’t really been thinking about him that much. We have talked today yet I feel like I am so far away from all this. I just have mixed emotions. Like anger mostly, can you imagine I got so angry when he didn’t call that I contemplated ignoring his call. Sure he hadn’t done anything but I was angry, at him. I need to find somewhere else to generate or push all this anger to. He’s been proving himself that he’s still in, keeping the space between us really small if not non existent. How do you know if a guy Continue reading Fiction – Christmas Diary 5